2011 Fall and Winter Fashion Makeup Trends


As fall fashion week comes to an end, we’re giving the makeup colors and treads seen a huge THUMBS UP!

This fall, it’s about (well what do you know) red on your lips and nails! Been shouting from the rooftop how elegant and classic this look is and how you can wear this look with anything and look ravishing.

I recommend red hot lip colors depending on YOUR skin’s undertone. If you’re cool go for bright reds with hints of blue. If you’re warm, go for warm reds with hints of gold, yellow or orange. If you want to make a statement, fantastic shades of reds will effortlessly allow you to do that – just be sure to choose one that works on you.

The next hot item are metallic shadows. I’m a huge fan, but be careful because a little goes a long way and you don’t want to look overdone. I recommend trying an olive gold shadow or pigment powder, which is one of the hottest eye shadow colors trending this season. Olive gold is shimmery and perfect to wear on your lower lids alone or you can smoke it out with a little black shadow on the outer corners of your eyes. You can wear this color to your next party, with jeans to look chic and modern, or any place special. (This is such a must have for your makeup bag.)

Next up, I’m happy to report that smoky eyes has taken a spot as one of the number one looks for fall, along with thick brows and winged eye liner. (Be sure to apply sparingly or in moderation, as you don’t want to look overdone.)

Remember how orange was so hot? Well orange eye shadow and lip color spilled over in to the fall season, but I only recommend this color for women with warm undertones or darker skin tones.

The other eye shadow colors I saw trending, are navy and charcoal with sparkle. You can blend either of these colors (separately) to get a fashionable version of a smoky eye by adding a splash of color or a splash of silver to the inner corners of your eyes…to sort of create a half of a smokey eye. I love this look because it perfect for the holidays and for nighttime or evening outings.

Finally, nude makeup is still trending strong and works this fall. To add a sexy flare to this look, apply clear gloss or you can add a rosy colored blush to spice it up a bit.

These trends and colors are for women of all ages, but if you’re grown and sexy (over 30), and you’re confused about which colors and styles can work you this fall/winter, you can definitely use all the tips in this article.

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