Businessman Gets Knocked Out by Giant Breasts


The headline read: A sharply dressed businessman accidentally smacked his head against a low hanging sign today while walking the downtown district during his lunch break. The heavy wooden sign hit him square in the forehead – he was promptly knocked out and remained so for several long minutes, splayed out on the sidewalk right in front of the corner market. When he finally woke, he found his head cradled in the lap of one of the market clerks. The clerk asked, “What happened?”

The man’s reply, “I couldn’t help but notice the fit young woman with the large breasts! Our eyes met for the briefest of moments, just long enough for me to say hello to her, and then I must have smacked my head on that wooden sign,” he said, pointing up at the market’s overhanging sign.

That story is, of course, fictional; no modern day businessman would make the politically incorrect admission that a set of giant breasts caught his gaze – that would be political suicide. But it could happen. Yes, it certainly could.

It’s true that men are simple creatures. We’ve been hard-wired by Mother Nature to be attracted to primarily three different traits when selecting a suitable mate: youth, beauty, and physical health.

Any red blooded man will admit what happens when a beautiful, young and physically fit woman walks into a room: it’s like a beacon of light is shining on top of her and it becomes very difficult for any man within twenty feet of her not to glance in her direction. Don’t believe me? Ask any man you know what happens when he is in the presence of a beautiful young woman. However, if the man you’re asking is your husband, he may not admit the truth for sake of avoiding a night’s sleep on the couch!

Because of mankind’s subconscious attraction to fit, youthful women, the beauty industry remains one of the largest industries in the world, commanding billions of dollars in sales revenue each and every year. Women everywhere want to remain as youthful and as beautiful as they can for as long as they can. In this respect, it really is no secret that men are visual creatures. Thankfully, the modern-day woman has many tools at her disposal to help her maintain her physical youth and beauty for a very long time. One of those tools is breast augmentation surgery.

Large, firm, round breasts are closely associated with youth, beauty, and physical health. When a woman buys breast implants, she will immediately elevate her sexual appeal. But is her enhanced sex appeal a result of larger, firmer breasts? Or is it because she subconsciously feels better about herself, thereby increasing her self confidence, particularly around men? That’s for you to decide!

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