Diamond Stud Earrings – Tthe Perfect Accessory?

Diamond Stud Earrings – Tthe Perfect Accessory?

When it comes to accessorizing your wardrobe, one piece of jewelry stands head and shoulders above the rest – diamond stud earrings. Timeless beauty, elegance, incomparable brilliance and versatility are some of the attributes of diamond studs, as perfect of a choice of any wardrobe item.

For all their shimmering appeal, diamond stud earrings should be part of everyone’s fashion collection. For many reasons too including the following James Allen diamond buying ideas:

Classical Beauty – Generation after generation, diamond studs have maintained their near-universal appeal. As fashion trends come and go, diamond studs remain popular with admirers who note the brilliance, color, and clarity of these fashion earrings. Diamond studs look great on the woman attending a formal event as well as the woman who is working in her garden. Guys, too, are recent converts to wearing diamonds, one of the few pieces of jewelry where gender barriers have been broken.

Design Agility – Admirers who choose diamond studs appreciate being able to design their own earrings. 14K, 18K, and platinum metals matched with either a round cut or princess cut diamond helps to personalize their look. By choosing 4-prong round stud, 6-prong coronet, bezel stud posts, or other contemporary style it is easy to create a pair of diamond stud earrings that are like no other.

Wearer Versatility – From princess to pauper, diamond stud earrings are appreciated by people of every persuasion and are within reach of most income brackets. Besides pearl jewelry, few other jewelry pieces provide matchless elegance at an affordable price – a true crowd pleaser with individual flair.

Value Stability – Diamond studs maintain their worth because they are available at value prices. This is particularly true for earrings purchased online, as through James Allen Jewelers, where prices are not inflated to cover overhead expenses. Moreover, with state sale tax not charged, the consumer who buys online can save additional money making their purchase an extraordinary deal. Shop and compare to find the best savings.

Everlasting Sentimentality – With diamonds, it is quite common to pass these earrings on to the next generation. From mother to daughter, aunt to niece, or grandmother to grandchild, diamond studs are a prized heirloom that is gladly given and gratefully received.

Lastly, diamond studs can be the perfect gift even if the recipient already wears stud earrings. Because there is a near endless number of style customization options, having multiple pairs of earrings of varying sizes is quite common. Therefore, if you aren’t certain what she (or he) will like, James Allen diamond stud earrings are worth considering.

Diamond stud earrings could very well be the perfect accessory. With prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per pair, studs give you the look of royalty for just about every budget imaginable.

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