Factors to Consider When Choosing a Custom Diamond Rings in Dallas

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Custom diamond rings can be perfect as gifts whether for an engagement birthday or anniversary. The advantage of a custom diamond ring is that you can make them as unique and as personalized as possible. You can choose from reliable jewelry stores to get trusted custom diamond rings in Dallas. Get that special ring for your special someone. 

How Do You Choose a Custom Diamond Ring in Dallas?

Having a list of factors to consider when choosing a custom diamond ring can be helpful. Add this to your checklist:

Know Your Center Stone 

This is the main element in a custom diamond ring. Diamonds come in many sizes, shapes, and carats. Before stepping into the jewelry store you have to envision what details your center stone would be. All the preferences should be based on what the wearer wants. So you have to find out if they like a big or small stone, the shape also matters a lot especially for women and for the carats you have to decide based on your budget. 

Pick A Metal 

Rings always come with a metal and the metal you will be choosing will be added to the cost. Plus it can add to the overall beauty of the ring. There are three popular metals used for rings: Platinum, which is the most pricey but most durable and reliable. Second is the gold, they come in different shades and you can pick one that fits the skin tone of the wearer. And lastly the silver, they are cheap but still reliable for its durability and matches any skin color. 

Pick A Setting 

The setting can make the center stone stay secured and enhance its appearance. Pick a setting that can match the personality of the wearer. If she is simple then solitaire would do it if she loves intricate design then a combination of two or three settings will be a good choice. 

What are the 5 C’s of Buying a Diamond in Dallas?


The color of the diamonds is graded according to how colorless they are. The more colorless the more expensive. If you’re aiming for the most colorless diamonds you may pick grades from G to I, they are the closest ones to the colorless ones. Since colorless are pricey and rare. Just make sure that the yellow tint of the diamonds is not that obvious. 


Diamonds come with flaws and they are called inclusions. The lesser inclusion the better, however, flawless diamonds are rare and pricey. So check the next grade and with the ones that have lesser inclusions, in that way your diamond will still be spotless when checked by the naked eye. 


The carats will depend on the weight of the diamonds and take note that diamonds are priced per carat. So make sure to pick the best choice of carats. Diamonds that are lower in carats can cost less than full carat diamonds. For instance, a 0.97 carats diamond can be much cheaper by hundred bucks compared with a 1.0-carat diamond. 


Cut matters a lot since it can affect the brilliance and durability of the diamonds. Choose a store that has a skilled diamond cutter to make sure that your diamond will be cut properly and with the correct standard measurement for the shape you desire. 


Each diamond sold should come with a certification. In the certificate, you can see the property of the diamond. All the 4cs mentioned above will be shown on the certificate and this will serve as proof that the diamond is indeed legit. 

What is Most Important When Choosing a Diamond ring?

The overall quality of the diamond should be considered. Since each of its attitudes matters and affects the durability and beauty of the diamond. So make sure to count every main detail of the diamond you will be buying.  

Knowing the factors to consider when choosing a custom diamond rings in Dallas can be your guide in getting the most ideal diamond for the wearer. Diamonds are pricey and praying for your preferences can be an easier way to choose from a wide variety of diamonds you will see. Customized diamond rings should be planned well to get an excellent result.