From Office to Outing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Perfecting Men’s Business Casual Style


Deciding what to wear to achieve a business-casual style could be challenging for many. It requires being extra selective with your outfit when dressing up for the office, an interview, or an outing. You might need more than a pair of pants and a shirt to look professional and adapt to the office environment.

The market is flooded with an extensive range of formal shirts for men, shoes, belts, ties, and other men’s accessories to help you ace the business-casual style. Here is your step-by-step guide to achieving that professional look. Read on to know.

What are business-casual attires for men?

Business casual attire typically includes shirts, formal shoes, and men’s accessories, such as belts, ties, watches, etc. It is a less formal style than traditional business wear but looks professional, clean, and appropriate for office settings.

Invest in formal shirts for men

Formal shirts are a business casual staple. A branded formal shirt can set the mood for the day, giving you all the more attention from your colleagues and everyone around. But the hurdle is that formal shirts come in various fits, colours, fabrics, and patterns, leading to selection dilemmas. Look for cotton to beat the summer and ensure day-long comfort. As for fits, anything that fits you best is a better pick. If choosing the right shirt comes dilemmatic to you, explore the ultimate collection of Shoppers Stop formal shirts. Shoppers Stop is where you can find the most exclusive collection of formal shirts for men that will help you perfect your business-casual style.

Choose the right colour for your shirt

It is good to pick subbed colours that reflect professionalism and a sense of trust. Muted colours, such as purple, navy, grey, and pink, could be ideal for a business-casual setting. You may also add a few more, including blue, red, and white, to your wardrobe for a pop of colours to your office collection. Try deeper shades instead of bright ones, i.e., mustard for bright yellow and burgundy for red. The bottom line is that you should pick colours that express your character and level up your professional appearance.

Pair with the right pair of pants

If you want your shirt to elevate your business-casual style, pairing it with the right pair of pants is vital. You may choose dress pants as they look great with button-down shirts. They are a classy option with a smooth, dressy finish. Choose tailored pants over jeans to look more professional.

Level up your professional outfit with formal shoes for men

Shoe options are aplenty, but not all look the same. You may choose a trendy pair of leather loafers or lace-up shoes for that perfect business-casual style. And for added elegance to your looks, consider investing in brands like Lee Cooper, Louis Philippe, Clarks, etc.  Loafers are less formal and give you more colour options than lace-up shoes.

Pick the needed men’s accessories to complete your looks

Your business-casual style is incomplete without a nice belt and a trendy watch, no matter how classy your shirt and pants are. Matching your belt colour with shoes could be a deadly combination and will add to your overall appearance. For a typical formal look, wear a tie contrasting the shirt. Also, wear a premium, branded watch for that extra refinement and detailing to your style.

Wrap up

In conclusion, achieving a business-casual look requires nothing more than selecting the right outfit, choosing the right colours for it, and matching the right accessories, depending on whether you are dressing up for an interview or going to the office. The tips above will help you perfect your business casual style.

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