Good Oral Health

Cosmetic dentistry

Perfect smile is preferred by most of us and to maintain good smile people prefer cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is both science and art. It helps in maintaining beautiful appearance of face. Smile gives better appearance and it is body language which is related to expressions. If our teeth are in good condition they give perfect smile. To maintain perfect smile person teeth should be disease free and better shape of teeth is required.

Cosmetic dentistry is simple method used by dentist to provide better smile to people. Cosmetic dentistry is inexpensive and these days better procedures are followed to maintain oral health of people. Cosmetic dentist and general dentist use cheap method to protect people from numerous gum diseases.

Cosmetic dentistry has various fields which involves sedation dentistry. From name of sedation dentistry one predicts that person may sleep during this procedure. But during cosmetic dentistry treatment patients do not sleep but they feel they are sleeping. Sedation is avoided these days due to complex medical problems. These day different types of deeper sleep are induced by using different sleep treatment. The strength and purpose of sedative methods are different. General anesthesia is most common practice than sedation dentistry.

Local anesthesia is used mostly via injection in the mouth. To produce numbness during cosmetic dentistry a typical anesthesia gel is used prior to injection. These types of methods are more convenient and leave patient conscious and remains fully aware of surrounding. For minal dental procedures local anesthesia is commonly used.

The various methods are used for producing numbness like inhalation analgesia (which includes laughing gas or nitrous oxide). Inhalation analgesia is part of dental procedures in which nitrous oxide is used as anesthesia. Nitrous oxide is passed through nose hood and administered prior and during the treatment.

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