Is the Y2K Fashion Trend Finally Coming for Menswear?

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Butterfly clips listed here, very low-rise jeans there: nostalgia for the early 2000s proceeds to dictate the runways of high manner. People are consuming from a effectively of Missy Elliot and Paris Hilton references. Luxurious clothes manufacturers like Bluemarine, a womenswear model whose DNA is born out of this aesthetic, are newly common, when makes like Miu Miu are embracing this aesthetic. Lizzo, Kim Kardashian, Dua Lip and Rihanna are turning again the style clock to the Bush years. Could it be because of to a longing for more simple times, a time when NFTs and the metaverse weren’t the talks of the town? Or is it only the inevitable consequence of the 80s and 90s fashion revivals?

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But although Y2K is 1 of the top womenswear tendencies of 2022, the Y2K menswear image looks to be a minimal murkier. As young individuals in the Gen Z cohort get started dressing for summer season, is the Y2K craze finally coming for menswear?

“We are definitely seeing a few parallels in the menswear space,” stylist and manner editor, Michael Philouze tells “It’s just different. When I feel of menswear in the early 2000s, I quickly believe of Hedi Slimane and Raf Simons — the kings of that time.”

In the early 2000s, Slimane reigned over the iconic rockstar aesthetic at the fashion household, Dior Homme. Bedraggled hair, androgyny, and razor slender skinny jeans were synonymous with his vision. Simons, on the other hand, championed youth and subculture by way of his personal brand, Raf Simons. His nod to the rebellious spirit of the times is even now referenced by designers of right now. Kanye West even pointed out that his initial Yeezy selection took inspiration from Simons’. “The increase of Prada Activity, the label that merged sportswear with substantial-style, played a big purpose in the early 2000s, also,” Philouze adds on.

Of training course, substantial style is one particular thing the precise apparel adult men wore in the aughts is a further. It was the era of Complete Ask for Dwell and the boy band phenomenon. It was also the era of privileged white young ones dressing like their favored rappers, popped collars, frosted recommendations, regrettable cargo shorts, and Ed Hardy — not particularly the tendencies trend dreams are created of.

So, in which does this translate 20 decades later on?

As Philouze implies, the Y2k development for menswear is a little bit extra elusive, potentially, even abstract, compared to the Y2K impact on womenswear. For starters, hints of youth tradition are absolutely spread throughout the current fall and winter collections. The aforementioned Miu Miu recently relaunched their menswear selection, which is filled with nods to the youth lifestyle of the two the early 2000s and internet manner developments of these days. It’s a “boy future door” seem, as Philouze calls it.

The Y2K influences on menswear we’re looking at in 2022 are far more refined. Small shorts (most undoubtedly not a genuine Y2K pattern, as adult men ended up really homophobic back again then and avoided something even remotely female) trotted down the runway together with leather pants you could have noticed 2000-era Justin Timberlake dress in. And, sportswear continues to dominate the runway Prada carries on to reign and designer Craig Environmentally friendly features an otherworldly interpretation of tactical don.

Androgyny, which was en vogue on the runways of 2000 if not popular tradition, is when yet again just one of the driving forces of menswear right now. So substantially so that rising menswear designers, these as New York City’s A. Potts and Non-public Plan have ditched gendered labels and are labeled as “genderless” manufacturers. Each designers are only but two illustrations out of quite a few that are interested in creating attractive and thrilling unisex garments. Nevertheless this could not always be a direct nod to Slimane’s Y2k rock and roller at Dior Homme, the eagerness to blur the strains involving masculine and feminine silhouettes is absolutely on-trend after additional in the high manner world.

Philouze thinks the fascination and resurgence in Y2k tendencies are pure. Beforehand, millennials introduced us the 90s manner resurgence, and now it is Gen Z’s turn to push fashion developments.

“The youth, whom many of these makes try to attraction to, had been born in the early 2000s. The curiosity is organic and natural,” he claims. “I generally obtain myself totally interested and enamored by visuals from the 10 years (the 1970s) I was born in. There’s a kind of childhood link that leaves an imprint on you an interior nostalgia and curiosity.”

Regardless of what the explanation, the real truth is this: menswear, and vogue as a total, will usually appear at the previous for references for the potential. In the 2010s, the 1990s performed an influential job in the developments of that time. Well known 90s vogue traits like grunge skater aesthetics, the amplified curiosity in streetwear, and reinvented gender codes in apparel echoed concerning both decades. In accordance to Gartner, technological investigate and consulting organization, streetwear observed an approximated value of $309 billion adhering to a important raise in reputation in 2017.

“There’s a 20-yr benchmark,” Philouze suggests.” At the very least, I think. When I begun working for a major magazine in the 2010s, all the temper boards have been stuffed with references in the 90s.”

But trend moves ceaselessly and speedily. And, like all traits, the revived Y2K era will before long be a point of the earlier. Presently, we have witnessed a number of hints to the return of the dapper dandy (while he certainly looks distinctive than he did in 2010) as brand names have released new sorts of tailoring and brought back again components like cummerbunds into their completely ready-to-dress in lines. If there’s everything that the recent craze for the Y2K craze tells us about menswear, it’s that all the things old will sooner or later be created new all over again.

For fellas who are interesting in Y2K menswear developments, we have involved some photographs for your Y2K menswear mood board below.

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