Makeup – A Woman’s Bane or Boon?

Makeup – A Woman’s Bane or Boon?

When you’re a woman, makeup is supposed to be a friend; however, it may actually be better to avoid makeup altogether. This may sound weird at first. After all, makeup enhances your beauty, and makes you much prettier than how you would normally look. Unfortunately, this blessing can also be a curse. When you don’t know how to handle your own makeup, your skin may breakout and you’ll find yourself suffering from acne.

Avoiding Makeup Can Actually Help You Save Face

The problem with makeup is that it actually clogs your pores. When this happens, your skin is more prone to forming acne. It’s important that you left your face breathe. You may enjoy always looking pretty for the guy you’re trying to impress everyday. When you wake up the next morning with a prominent bump clearly seen on your face though, you may want to rethink wearing makeup all the time. Avoid makeup when you can. It’s better if you only save it for special occasions.

Besides this, it’s also very important that you do not leave your makeup on when you go to sleep. Washing with water may not be enough. It’s better if you use an appropriate cosmetics remover. This way, you ensure that your skin is clean and fresh when you go to bed. You may also opt to use a moisturizer with jojoba oil. It has natural cleansing features that can clear your skin as well as makeup remover.

Keeping Your Skin Healthy While Wearing Makeup

Especially when you regularly wear makeup, it’s important to maintain a regular regime that would help take care of your skin. For one thing, washing your face every morning and night with a mild soap and cleanser would help wash off the dirt and excess oils that accumulate on your face.

It’s also important that you exfoliate once to twice a week. It makes sure that dead skin cells are eliminated from the skin’s surface. There are many products out in the market that are great for exfoliation. You can also search for exfoliating techniques online using common items you find at home if ever you want a cheaper alternative.

When buying cosmetics, it’s also preferable that you choose ones that have natural ingredients. These particular products are less harsh on the skin, yet you can still achieve the same results with regular makeup. You also have a wide array of choices to choose from, so it’s not hard for you to find substitutes for the normal makeup you use.

On top of all this, it is essential that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. There may be certain greasy foods such as peanuts or chocolate that could cause you to breakout. It’s best to avoid them. Eating a balanced diet, drinking eight glasses of water, and getting enough sleep everyday will ensure that your skin stays healthy and beautiful. Avoid makeup make with too much chemicals.

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