Meet the Ebay-Obsessed Stylist Giving This Year’s Love Islanders a Fashion Makeover

Amy Bannerman has got the best job in fashion, so she keeps being told. For the past six weeks, she and a covert team of Ebay obsessives have been truffling out pre-loved looks for the occupants of this year’s Love Island villa. Now, just days before this year’s hopefuls start cracking on in Spain, Bannerman can reveal how she herself has been grafting, to secure major outfits that will move the needle in terms of perception of sustainable fashion. The clothes aren’t just good, they are really good.

“We wanted it to be a mix of high-end and high-street vintage,” says Amy, who has not only scored major archive hits from Gucci, Prada, Dior and Versace, but also nostalgic British high-street gems from old favorites, such as Bay Trading, Tammy Girl and Morgan. No matter the genesis of the look (Kate Moss for Topshop is another of her personal favorites), Bannerman’s aim is to show each piece as something uniquely valuable, not simply a second-hand steal.

Love me forever: The Love Islanders will be able to pick and choose from shared wardrobes. 

While previous seasons of Love Island have seen the contestants adhere to the same scantily-clad, fast-fashion fueled dress code, this year’s looks follow four themes. As well as having individual Ebay wardrobes curated by Bannerman’s team, plus the suitcases of home clothes they have packed for themselves, there will be a central edit of great pieces to share. The aim, says Amy, is for Love Islanders to rewear the same denim Balmain dress or Ralph Lauren shirting over the duration of the show, to demonstrate how different genders and body types can style the same piece.

The themes are also designed to show that clothes are not disposable, but pieces to cherish. “Love Me Forever” is a compilation of classics—undisputed treasures Bannerman scored for a snip of the original price and which fashion fans will be drooling over. “Blurred Lines” is designed to break down gender stereotypes, with sheer pink blouses for men and oversized shirts worn as dresses for women. “Dopamine Dressing” ticks the zingy holiday style box, which Bannerman asserts is much cooler than the high-street’s current offering, and “Y2K” is for everyone who has fallen for the charm of spliced-and-diced tops and skirts the size of belts this season. This is Love Island, after all.