The Power and Impact of Influencer Marketing: How It Affects People into Buying

So, what’s the power and impact of influencer marketing? Different era requires different marketing strategies. There was an era where people would stay tune in front of the TVs and they got ‘inspirations’ (what to buy, what to wear, what to do, etc) from that little box in front of them. There was also the era where celebrities would run the world. Everything they wore, ate, drunk, or did would be imitated by tons of their die-hard fans. 


Well, today is the different era. It’s the time where technology rules the world. Smartphones become the key to access everyone’s life. The internet is your gateway to the virtual world. And influencers would be the perfect means of creative and smart marketing strategies, if brands know how to make use of it. 


The Role of Influencers

Social media gives birth to modern influencers. It’s people with many followers and also the ability to reach out widely. This is the key that businesses want to tap in. By implementing influencer marketing, businesses can get their message out quickly and efficiently. Influencers can easily sway opinions; they can easily get into the minds of their followers. 


According to expert digital strategies and professional marketers, influencer marketing is one of the most effective and also the quickest ever growing marketing channels. It makes use of (social media) key leaders or influencers to make people to turn to a brand and entrust it. This method of marketing isn’t a new method in the marketing world. In fact, it has its roots in traditional messaging, but now it comes in the form of modern methods, thanks to the technologies. 


Basically, it’s the word of mouth method, but only in a faster and more modern way. With influencer marketing, people are sharing what they are interested in and what they like with the communities. After all, it’s the communities that they are engaged with. 


The Power and Impact

Think of this situation: You see this banner or ad about a product that you know nothing about. No matter how attractive the product is, would you be willing to risk yourself or your money to buy it? It’s not likely. But what would you do when you see your idol, telling you about how good the cooking pan he just bought or how convenient it is to use the coffee maker she just got as a present, through the social media? At least you would be intrigue. It sparks up curiosity. You want to know more about the products: How much they are worth, where can you buy them, what are the benefits you can gain from those products, and so much more. 


This is the power that influencers have over their followers: trust. People become followers because they have a connection with the influencers. They develop interest. They develop trust. And when that particular idol of yours recommends something to you, it feels organic, natural, and straightforward. You don’t feel forced having to buy something. You feel genuine interest of wanting to know more because someone you trust has recommended it to you. That’s the impact of such marketing strategy. So, if you are wondering what would be the power and impact of influencer marketing , there you have it.