The Worst Sneakers for Your Feet, According to a Podiatrist

We’re all past in excess of the plan that beauty equals agony. Ideal? As a result, when it will come to fashion—footwear specifically—the style pendulum proceeds to change towards shoes that are trendy and comfortable. You’ve probable noticed or now partake in this improve oneself, embracing the discomfort-free of charge lifetime with flatform sandals and ahead sneakers.

But there is a capture when it arrives to the latter specifically. When it’s good in principle to bop all over in amazing trainers as opposed to stilettos, there’s a single seemingly comfy on-development sneaker silhouette that might be the worst for your toes, triggering extended-time period unpleasant effects. And we went straight to the expert—Gotham Footcare founder Miguel Cunha—to weigh in even more.

When chatting about footwear styles that should really basically be avoided, he named out sock sneakers. “While they could experience comfy snugging the leading of your foot, they are not a good idea footwear since they give no assistance to the top and exterior of your foot, which can conveniently guide to an ankle sprain,” he spelled out. Woof.

But hope is not lost—there are nevertheless a lot of other sneaker variations out there that offer a lot more stability and aid. On that notice, we’re showcasing some visual inspiration and a selection of these picks below. And if you are nevertheless all about sock sneakers and want to danger it, just be extremely, quite watchful.