Tips And Treatment For Eye Wrinkling


Eye wrinkling is made up of essentially two types of wrinkles. There are the ones that are around the eye which are called crow’s feet as that is the appearance that they have. The other type is the wrinkles under the eyes.

It is most unlikely that you will be able to prevent these wrinkles from forming. Every facial movement we make affects that area. The aim should be to prevent deep wrinkles that are there even when you are not moving a muscle on your face.

There are basic lifestyle changes that you can make to try and avoid these wrinkles. The harmful rays of the sun are the main enemy of a healthy skin. Excessive sun exposure promotes fast skin aging. You tend to squint when you are out in the bright sun and this encourages crow’s feet. The answer is to limit the time spent in bright sunlight or to wear suitable sunglasses.

Smoking is another factor that causes eye wrinkles. When you smoke, the natural reaction is to narrow your eyes to prevent the smoke from irritating the eyes. There are many effective eye creams on the market. Make sure that you choose cream that is made for your skin type.

There are certain ingredients that you should look for in creams. Vitamin A will assist in repairing the skin and it contains antioxidants. Hydroxy acid removes dead skin and it improves the texture of the skin. Copper peptides, Kinetin and Co-enzyme Q10 assist with the repair of dead skin. The cream you choose should contain at least one of these ingredients. It is important that you use it on a regular basis, at least twice a day.

There are other options available in the form of Botox, cosmetic surgery and laser technology. Botox can lessen the wrinkles on the outer area of the eyes if they are the result of involuntary crunching of the skin muscles. However it will not affect those lines that are caused by aging or exposure to the sun. This method is also required to be repeated every three to four months.

Cosmetic surgery is available, but due to its invasive nature many people have decided against its use. Laser technology does not leave the scarring that cosmetic surgery does and has therefore become more popular. There are laser methods that have proven to be very effective and anesthesia is not required. It is usually performed in the physician’s office.

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