Why Wearing Socks and Slides is Not a Fashion Disaster?

In the masterclass of Fashion, there are some clear do’s and don’ts. Arguably the most famous “Don’t” is wearing socks with slides. This combination has no place in a dignified society, in fact, it can make one look rather untidy. For ages, people have frowned upon those who wore socks with open shows. As time passed, white socks with black or grey slides became somewhat acceptable for a casual hangout. Even today you would definitely feel judged if you show up in socks and slides to a posh place. However, things are changing now thanks to Gen-Z’s approach to fashion which doesn’t believe in boundaries. In this age of TikTok trends, the rule has become if enough people wear it then it can become the latest trend.

The Beginning of Socks and Slides

To be precise the trend of socks and slides has gained popularity after being featured in athleisure looks by many Hip-Hop artists. After that, it became cool enough for everyone to adopt it as their new airport look. However, there is one main catch with this look, it’s only considered stylish if the slides are from brands like Nike or Adidas. If the slides don’t have any branded logo then the look is only considered to be loungewear.

There could be many reasons behind wearing this combination of shoewear but comfort tops that list. In the recent award shows many A-Listers have been sported wearing sneakers below their beautiful gowns. At this point wearing comfortable at an after-party has become a must. People are finally becoming more forgiving to women’s toes and are not rolling their eyes when they aren’t wearing 5-inch heels.

The Rise of High Street Fashion

Some people call it athleisure while other who makes the look more stylish like to call it high street. Even in this fashion scene socks and slides have found their place. People love the comfort it provides while roaming around the city. One look at Insta Vloggers especially females and you’ll see them sporting this look when they are just walking and the temperature is warm.

And I’m not the only one that feels this way. Over the past several years, we’ve witnessed a significant increase in the popularity of this trend on the high street. It has quickly become a fashion standard for both men and women. The socks and slide pair are a must-have for anything from lazing around on lazy days to visiting the high street in the summer. After spending an hour reading through Instagram, it became obvious that many other fashion people are also loving this style.

One thing that many people find remarkable in Gen-Z is their open-mindedness and need to push the boundaries. This is something that they show in even small gestures. That includes wearing a comfortable combination of slides and socks which people before them found objectionable.

New Look On Runway

This once frowned upon look can now be regularly seen on the fashion runways of iconic brands like Celine, Gucci, and various others. Every streetwear company is also promoting this look and you now have more variety of slides than ever before. If you want to rock this look, then you need to decide on the perfect socks and slides that will complement your whole look. Earlier people only preferred wearing white socks with black slippers but now even multi-color socks are in style. Lastly, remember you don’t have to go overboard with this trend if you don’t want to. The acceptance of this trend only means that people have the right to wear whatever without being judged by those who have a classist mindset. Always remember to have fun with fashion and never feel intimidated by it.