3 Fashion Faux Pas Men Commit

There’s no denying that men have this carefree attitude when it comes to fashion and style. More often than not, men often make a fashion faux pas and don’t even know it. As long as they have a decent pair of pants and shirt, then they feel like they are good to go. But for other people, be it the fashion police or just your ordinary observer, there are some male fashion faux pas that cannot be excused. Here are a few of the most common fashion mistakes men innocently commit.

Fashion faux pas #1: Wearing clothes that are printed with big or enlarged brand names. The only thing that these items can tell people is that you can afford them, whether they come in cheap or downright expensive. But in reality, it will make you seem like a walking billboard with those enlarged brand names. In the end, it would even appear like you are working for that particularly company or brand. Avoid doing this, gentlemen!

Fashion faux pas #2: Colored or plain socks when wearing sandals. Wearing socks with sandals? It’s not exactly fashionable, or sensible for that matter! What’s the use of wearing sandals when you’re using socks? Sandals are usually worn during hot seasons like summer, and socks during cool weathers. If you really want to wear socks, then wear closed shoes or sneakers. Men should be able to coordinate their sense of style with the weather as well.

Fashion faux pas #3: Wrong clothing for the wrong weather. As mentioned in the previous item, clothes should be properly coordinated with the weather. Often times, we see men wearing sleeveless shirts during the rainy or winter season, and layers of clothing during summer or spring. Clothes are not only worn for fashion, but for comfort as well.

Men who are guilty of such fashion mistakes should be more careful of the kind of clothing they are wearing. Not only will they be strongly criticized of what they wear, but people will look at them differently. Avoiding such fashion faux pas will help give them a better and more fashionable appearance.

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