6 Reasons To Switch To Online

When it comes to celebrations, cakes are the centrepiece of such moments. With a wide selection of cakes from flavours and types to designs, there is always something to make the cake cutting and feeding hour the most awaited moment. However, finding that perfect cake to grace the occasion and delight your near and dear ones can be challenging, considering the wide availability of cake options. Thanks to e-commerce bakeries, you don’t have to break the bank or sweat to avail yourself of a lip-smacking and entertaining cake on all occasions. We share six reasons why you should buy cakes online.

1. Wide cake variety

Looking for a specific cake to satiate your sweet tooth cravings? Or a custom cake flavour for your near and dear ones? Say no more – Online bakeries have it all! You don’t have to scour the internet to pull out the great surprise. Bakeries with e-commerce websites make it easy for anyone to buy cakes without stepping foot in any of their stores. Simply pick the ideal cakes for the occasions and festivals by type, flavour, theme, recipient, and location. To break the monotony of relishing the same old kind of cake across every happy event, you can shop for various cakes online.

Some of the alluring cakes you will find online are:

Designer cakes,

Pinata cakes,

Buttercream cakes,

Jar cakes,


Vegan cakes,

Eggless cakes, and

Photo cakes, etc.

2. Convenient shopping

The traditional route from one bakery store to the next until one finds their dream cake is not only a painstaking activity but also a thing of the past. Cakes are delicate! When buying a cake, it is also important to consider the timing of the celebrations so that you have a fresh and intact cake. Online cake shopping is the most convenient way to ease off the stress of making arrangements for your celebrations. With online bakeries, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. You simply need to place your order and continue with your schedule as if nothing happened.

3. Delivery arrangements

Have a near and dear one staying in another town or country that you wish to surprise with a cake on their special day? The magic trick to avail yourself of a heartwarming cake surprise is simply by placing a cake order and downloading the app! Online bakery stores offer delivery services in India and other countries. So, check the location available on the bakery store’s e-commerce website.

4. Reliable bakeries

It is a rule of thumb to compare offers from other stores when mainly buying anything. With online cake shopping, it’s effortless to compare cake offers from various other bakeries in your area. The main aspects of deciding on which portal to go with are checking customer reviews, prices, cake options, and delivery schedules. And all this can be easily accessed on google and online cake store websites.

5. Flexible payment options

Commonly, some brick-and-mortar stores have limitations on the payment options available, causing issues for some buyers. As most online bakery stores offer cake delivery services to various cities and countries, they have adopted flexible payment options for their customers. This initiative avoids unnecessary delays in searching for change as it accommodates all kinds of wireless transfers.

Payment gateways available:

Credit/Debit card, 

Net banking, 

UPI id, and 

Ewallet payments, 

6. The surprise element

With the seamless cake ordering service to delivery, there is no way your near and dear ones would suspect that you are planning a cake surprise! While brick-and-mortar stores require the buyer to pick the cake themselves, online bakeries offer delivery that you can select when placing a cake order. You can adjust the delivery time, date, and venue. They also have flexible cake delivery schedules so that you can perfectly time everything as the celebration day progresses. However, there will be a small cost for the delivery service – check with the bakery store first.

There you have the benefits of buying cakes online! Now the ball is in your court to make the most of this service and buy cake online to save on cost and time. Bakery stores also have applications to place cake orders, download the app!