A Parent’s Guide to Prom Dress Shopping


Recently, many parents especially moms are busy helping their daughters choose prom dresses for the approaching prom season. They are anxious. On the one hand they would like to buy their daughters the dresses that they are looking forward to and on the other hand parents find it hard to get dresses that are perfectly fitted. Actually, if parents bear in mind some tips, they will find it easier to get ideal prom dresses.

First of all, parents should figure out the body types of their daughters. This is the only way you can possibility get a fitted dress for your daughter. However it is not easy to determine the body type. There is one exception that is hourglass figures. Hourglass body shape is very obvious to determine. If your daughter is blessed with hourglass figure, you can pick any dress style for your girls. What you need to do is to keep it is well-fitting. What should parents do if their daughters have other body type? Which kind of dress should they opt for?

1. Hourglass: As has been mentioned above, almost all dress styles will flatter an hourglass figure. The best choice will be strapless or sweetheart prom dresses with sashes and sequined bust.

2. Pear-Shape: Pear-shaped girls are comparatively fuller in the lower part of their body. Such girls should better opt for dresses with a fitted top as well as a full skirt. Empire waists attires and A-line prom dresses are fine options for pear shapes. These dresses can help them hide heavy hips and at the same time show off the waist.

3. Apple-Shape: On the contrary of the pear-shape, apple-shaped girls are fuller in the upper part of their body. Their parents should opt for dresses with flattering necklines which balance the top half of their body.

4. Slender: Parents can buy their daughter ball gowns or empire dresses to create an illusion of curve. Ball gowns and empire dresses will help draw attention to their bust line or waist line.

5. Petite: Girls with petite figure should never dress in floor-length gowns. Their parents can choose sheath dresses for them. Sheath dresses are perfect for petite girls because they can elongate frame. By the way, gowns with higher hemlines are also good choices.

Secondly, Parents should choose correct color for their dresses. You may find there are all kinds of method available on the Internet, but few of them are applicable. There is an easy way out – selecting the color according to the seasons. Normally speaking, prom usually starts from June, this is in summer. Then which colors are popular in summer? Neutral colors and pastel colors are popular in summer. Dresses in soft blue or rose-brown are good options. To mind you, white and black gowns are rarely seen at prom night.

If parents bear in mind the two tips, they will end up getting decent prom dresses for their daughters. As a result, their daughters will enjoy an exciting and memorable prom night.

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