Before You Walk in the Jewelry Store to Buy an Engagement Ring


When you say the word jewelry, you already picture a bright smile, a diamond shine, lustful sights and a lot of happiness among the ladies. Even since the beginning of time, jewels have represented a fantastic way to show off elegance and beauty. Lots of archeological discoveries have proven the existence of handmade elegant and tasteful jewelry, in different parts of the globe. So, no one should feel surprised by the fact that nowadays jewelry represents an important part in people’s lives. Not to mention that most people are judged according to the possession of diamond and gold mines.

Buying an engagement ring

Before purchasing an engagement ring, make sure you take into account the following steps, so that you can be sure of the fact that this is truly the right type of investment. Here is what you should remember:


Before buying an engagement ring, establish a budget and respect it. Lots of those people that shop for a ring calculate the cost according to the 2-month rule. Of course, this does not necessarily have to be your case. Adapt your financial possibilities to your tastes and try to make a plan before walking into a specialized jewelry store. This will help you remain focused on what you want to purchase.


Remember that your partner must like this piece of jewelry. Is she into white or yellow gold? Is she more of a silver person? Is she the type of person that wears bigger things or is she fond of small items? Be subtle when talking about this and keep in mind her answers when you go shopping.


Decide on the stone and on the quality. The latter element can be established according to 4 Cs: the cut (facets or angles of the diamond), the color (does it look colorless?), the clarity (does the stone has flaws?) and Carat weight (size). The majority of jewelry stores will gladly inform you on the quality of a diamond and if you still have doubts, you can ask for a magnification scope and examine it. Also, don’t forget about the shallowness or the depth of the diamond. All these elements can really make a difference!


Always think about the style of your partner (geometric shape). For instance, a round shape is classic and always a good investment. On the other hand, square cuts are more trending now. Do not hesitate to take your time when it comes to choosing the right type of jewelry.

You can even ask for the advice of your jeweler based on your fiancĂ©e’s daily chores. Do this because some rings have a larger lifespan than others. If she will not take it off, then it would be a great thing to add a protective coat. Moreover, those who have to wear latex gloves (nurses, doctors) will not like a tall mounting.


Friends are always good when you ask them for help. A second opinion is always great and the support of a friend will make this experience less overwhelming. If you don’t want to surprise your girlfriend, it would be a great idea to take her with you. Who knows better what she wants than her?

And last but not least, ask if the diamond comes with an appraisal and a guarantee. Most jewelry stores will offer the appraisal for free and next to that you will also get a service plan. Don’t forget about financing options, the return and trade policy and the insurance for the ring. That’s it!

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