Cleaning Tips for Your Diamonds and Gemstones Jewelry

Cleaning Tips for Your Diamonds and Gemstones Jewelry

Jewelry that contains diamonds and gemstones are excellent accessories that can be used on any occasion. Aside from this though, they are very good investment pieces since their worth is not affected by several market factors that constantly change unlike the usual business ventures or stock investments. However, proper care and cleaning of these types of jewelry is needed to maintain their quality and keep them in excellent condition. A lot of people use jewelry on a regular basis but don’t know how to properly care for them which result in damaged or tarnished gemstones or metal bands. Below are some care and maintenance tips to keep your diamonds and gemstones jewelry in the best condition.

First off, have a separate place in your jewelry box for each piece of jewelry that you own. This is to prevent the softer gems from being scratched by the harder ones and avoid the silver, gold, or platinum bands from being dented. Don’t make a habit of just bunching up all your diamonds and gemstones jewelry and piling them all up in your jewelry box after taking them off. Even diamonds can break with careless handling, so make sure that you properly store your jewelry.

Before doing exercises or taking on household chores, take off your jewelry. This may seem a bit trivial, but a lot of people neglect to take off their jewelry during these activities, therefore allowing small cracks and scratches to penetrate the diamonds and gemstones which in turn may result in bigger damage to your jewelry before you even realize it.

If you have several rings that you wear every day, take them off your fingers by pulling on the band and not the stone as this may loosen its setting and cause it to fall off unexpectedly. Moreover, since rings are the most prone to dust accumulation and soap residue, make it habit to clean them on a regular basis. There are several jewelry cleaning kits available in the market, and purchasing one to clean your diamonds and gemstones jewelry with. You can also clean your jewelry yourself by using a soft toothbrush to clean the gems and get rid of the accumulated dirt around the edges and inside the metal bands.

If you notice several pieces of your jewelry that need minor repair, you can set up an appointment with a jeweler to have them fixed. Don’t wait until the damages get bigger before you have them repaired as this may cause you a larger amount of money than small repairs. You can also ask your local jeweler for additional tips on how to keep your jewelry from being damaged or discolored.

Lastly, take the time to read up on articles regarding precious gems. This will allow you to have more knowledge of your jewelry and at the same time understand the need to keep them in excellent condition, especially if you’re planning on investing on them. By keeping your diamonds and gemstones jewelry in top condition you not only make them last longer, but you also keep their monetary value.

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