Everything You Need to Know About Breastfeeding and Macrolane Breast Enhancement


Surveys report that a large percentage of women would consider having a cosmetic enhancement procedure if they were unhappy with their appearance. Fortunately, women who would like to change their appearance by smoothing out wrinkles with Botox or by disposing of their excess hair using lasers can now do so quite easily. However, many of these women do not recognise their bodies or their face anymore due to age or childbirth and there are few people who would criticise a woman for wishing to reclaim her body.

But what happens to the women who have a cosmetic treatment to find themselves pregnant again soon after?

If you have had Macrolane injections instead of a full surgical enlargement, there is little to worry about.
Surgical implants can affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed in the future so if at the time of the surgery you think you may have children in the future and may want to breastfeed, this should be discussed at length with your surgeon at the time. This is because implants can be inserted via the nipple, although it is more common for a surgeon to cut under the breast tissue so that saline implants are under the pectoral muscle. A less invasive way of enlarging your bust is to have the aforementioned Macrolane injections.

What is Macrolane?
Macrolane is a non-surgical body shaping treatment that is most popularly used for breast enhancement through a series of injections. The substance that is injected is a clear, crystal gel that is specially formulated for its intended purpose meaning that the Macrolane will not migrate or interfere with mammogram results. Macrolane is a perfectly safe treatment as it consists of hyaluronic acid – a substance that occurs naturally in the body anyway. Due to the nature of this treatment, the effects are only temporary as the Macrolane slowly absorbs itself into the body with no harmful effects.

What effect can Macrolane help me achieve?
Macrolane can help women boost their assets by up to 1 and a half cup sizes if they are looking for more subtle results than a surgical breast enhancement can give. Other benefits to this body contouring treatment might be a fullness restored to the breast after breastfeeding.

For the best results, Macrolane is injected on top of the breasts, behind the breast tissue and underneath the breast to ‘perk’ them up and add fullness. After Macrolane, your breasts should feel firm and full. Once the swelling has gone down after the treatment, the breasts should feel natural to the touch.

Is Macrolane right for me after breastfeeding?
No respectable surgeon will give you Macrolane injections if you are breast feeding as the breast tissue is tender and will change over the period of a few months meaning the treatment’s success is compromised. However, if you had Macrolane injections just before you became pregnant; the Macrolane in your breast will not harm your baby nor should you experience any pain during breastfeeding as a result of having the Macrolane injections.

If your child is no longer breastfeeding, you may feel your breasts are no longer as full as they were and you may be disappointed with their appearance. So how soon can you have Macrolane after breastfeeding has ceased? As with everything, common sense should be applied. Dr Bassi from The Cosmetic Clinics group suggests that the best time to have Macrolane injections is about three months after a mother has finished breast feeding. This is to be sure that breast tissue has returned to normal and ensures that an accurate assessment can be made of the patient’s suitability for the treatment.

Who should not have Macrolane Injections
Obviously, as previously mentioned, mothers who are breastfeeding or recently finished should wait for a few months before embarking upon the breast enhancement treatment. However, for the best results, your skin should still be quite firm and supple. The outcome of injecting Macrolane into saggy skin will not be favourable. Dr Bassi from Cosmetic Clinics likened the effect to a ‘cricket ball in a sock’. Hardly glamorous imagery! This is why younger women with ‘good’ skin will see better results than older ladies who may be better suited to a surgical augmentation.

Macrolane lasts for 12-14 months, and after a positive experience with Macrolane, many women are happy to return to their doctor for top up injections. However, over a period of time this can become very costly and women who are pleased with the results of Macrolane often opt for surgical breast augmentation as it requires less maintenance in the long run in spite of the initial cost, risks and pain. In the mean time, women who are not sure if permanent surgery would yield the desired results can test out the waters with Macrolane.

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