From Drab to Fab on Wearing Jewelry

From Drab to Fab on Wearing Jewelry

Men are not notorious for wearing jewelry. However, changes in the fashion industry seemed to have an overlapping effect where men and women can both wear pieces of accessory or clothing from each other. Wherever men’s jewelry originated, it has progressed and taken leaps and bounds from where it was originally originated.

If you try to look at how men and women wore jewelry, you would notice that women were frequent wearers than men. They were traditionally seen as the sex that makes jewelry their bet friend. On the contrary, men wore jewelry only in very special occasions or whenever the situation permits them to.

During prehistory, people were at constant war with each other. As war went on, there was a need to product more durable and sturdy weapons which led the science of metallurgy ai for a higher value. With this increase in aim, the need for more stunning jewelry was also advanced. Various metals were utilized to create weapons as well as jewelry-tin, copper, silver, gold and brass-although gold remained supreme aloft other precious metals. Jewelry became common not only for men.

Believe it or not, jewelry can actually heighten a man’s masculinity rather than the opposite. Masculinity, as some cultures define it, means having the courage to wear jewelry that you’ve been wanting to wear that makes you more eye worthy. For instance, earrings are famous women’s jewelry but in time, have been regarded as masculine when worn by men.

Chain necklaces are also famous jewelry pieces worn b y men. They can be used as bracelets or necklaces and the newest designs are produced to suit most men, despite the age and preference. With men’s jewelry, however, the chains that are most in demand include the snake, marina, box, and rope chains. They are stylish yet always masculine.

Cufflinks, on the other hand, are indispensable pieces of a man’s corporate wardrobe. For this reason, women who are sophisticated enough to know the many benefits of wearing cufflinks, typically buy their male partners these minute pieces of jewelry. Both men and women are very fortunate in the sense that they can both wear jewelry items that and none would look less feminine or masculine. It’s not even very hard to look for men’s jewelry that will suit the occasion or the dress. There are a lot jewelry pieces that men can choose from as compared from previous decades when men are simply purchasers of jewelry.

Men wear jewelry for a number of reasons. Men wore jewelry as part of their accessories to make themselves look more appropriate especially when they are going out on a date, or a a simple lucky charm. Giddy as it may seem, men do wore jewelry because they feel that if they do so, they will feel luckier. Men are now afforded with more freedom when it comes to wearing jewelry and are not limited anymore to beads, metals, glass bones or wood. So if you’re thinking of perfect gifts for your male partner, choose cufflinks or any other pieces of jewelry. Rest assured that they will always be appreciated.

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