Handbags and Purses – Fashion Choices For the Modern Woman


If you are looking to purchase a purse that will give you a unique but naturalistic look at the same time you may opt for a hobo handbag as they are proven to be a distinctive choice. These types of purses are often distinguished by their loose U shaped design, where their edges are somewhat titled upwards merging into the handles. While the loose frame tends to not give you the complete support that you need they are more comfortable for transporting than your average purse because of the flexibility that is offered. Many women prefer these unique purses versus going with a conservative design. The handles also can’t handle oversized items so in order to keep from damaging your purse make sure to not over pack it.

A distinctive type of purse known as the bowling purse is highly desired but not as fashionable as other choices. These got their name because the purses frames resemble an actual bowling ball. They are on the lower end of fashionable but they do offer advantages when it comes to weight distribution and handles that are centralized which makes transporting them much easier. They also do not hold as much as other purses but do secure any contents that are locked inside. They offer a unique and retro look at the same time.

An important purse that every woman should own for fashion purposes is the formal evening purse. These are normally distinguished from other purses because they are much classier and used only when minimal is key. They tend to offer beautiful and elegant styles with soft materials. They often will have subtle touches such as tasteful prints or small folds for the clasp. These types of purses are very fashionable and offer only enough space to take along items such as keys, cash, and makeup or other must have necessities. The downfall of these types of purses is the fact they are often small which doesn’t always provide safety for the contents on the inside. With smaller handles they are easier to slip away from you or to lose the contents without noticing so keep this in mind when choosing the right one for yourself. The handles also can’t handle over-sized items so in order to keep from damaging your purse make sure to not over pack it.

Most women own at least two or three purses which can be used to match different types of outfits. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to find a beautiful purse to match that special outfit. You can often find fashionable purses for under $30 while other women will only buy designer purses that can run into the $100s for a single purse. It’s basically the name or brand that you are paying for so unless you absolutely need it opt to purchase a knock off version which will allow you purchase more than one purse and still save you money. They offer a unique and retro look at the same time.

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