Lip Filler Aftercare Tips

Lip filler therapies have turn into a lot more and much more well-liked about the yrs, providing people the chance to have fuller and plump lips. To ensure that you are acquiring the finest consequence from your treatment there are so a lot of diverse lip filler aftercare recommendations that folks require to just take into consideration, we would advocate these lip filler aftercare tips.

  1. The first fullness does not generally continue to be the identical

Most people today will constantly uncover that their lips are swollen immediately after possessing lip filler remedy, which is completely usual. You usually have to recall that the dimension of your lips ideal immediately after your therapy is not a true reflection of what your last consequence will glance like, so don’t stress if there a little greater than you needed. Swelling can at times very last a couple of times, dependent on different elements, but after this swelling subsides you’ll be ready to see the precise remaining result.

  1. The finest way to cut down swelling

There are numerous distinct strategies to enable lessen inflammation just after obtaining lip filler, some persons will encounter even worse swelling than other people. Listed here are some recommendations to support minimize inflammation:

  • Use a cold icy compress to your lips
  • Drink lots of water
  • Take in healthy foods like contemporary fruit and vegetables, as these offer nutritional vitamins which aid the healing procedure
  • Prevent challenging functions and hot temperatures for 24-48 hrs following your treatment method
  1. Prevent alcoholic beverages

You ought to constantly test steering clear of liquor for at least 24 several hours following your lip filler procedure, and 24 hours before your appointment is often recommended. This is since liquor functions as a blood thinner, which means you can end up with far more inflammation, primary to worse bruising and swelling.

  1. Never fly too soon just after your treatment method

Flying also soon following having lip filler can consequence in your inflammation and bruising becoming a large amount worse, consequently it is encouraged to at least wait a week right after acquiring your remedy right before flying.

  1. Drink plenty of fluid & really do not work out

Preserving nicely hydrated is the critical to viewing very good success just after your procedure, dehydration can affect your filler drastically. So do and attempt and consume as much h2o as feasible following your lip filler. You want to keep away from strenuous work out and just about anything exactly where you might come to be really heated, like steam rooms, as these are pursuits which can also guide to dehydration.


There are so many diverse lip filler aftercare suggestions, but prior to everything, you always require to make positive you obtain the correct clinic prior to likely forward with any cosmetic therapies. Dr Hennessy’s Clinic is the fantastic spot for anybody who’s looking for lip filler therapies, wherever they only employ practitioners with a health care history. To guarantee a smooth sailing treatment method and aftercare process, you need to normally do your investigation beforehand.

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