Makeup – Enhance Your Natural Beauty


Makeup is a fantastic creation invented to make a woman feel so much better about herself and how she looks when she sees her reflection in a mirror. Simply taking a little time out of the day for makeup application can really make you feel a lot more beautiful.

Throughout history women have used their imaginations to enhance their beauty when makeup was not available in stores. They used berry juice for blush and lipstick, as well as egg wash for foundation and even flour for powder. There are many reasons that women like to use makeup and they all are good reasons for each woman that uses it for their own personal gain.

So many women, like me, probably have some blemishes that, with the use of makeup, make them feel better because it can cover them up. So, when we wake up one morning with a pimple or blemish on our face we know that there is something out there that can camouflage it from society. Also, some women have scars or birthmarks that make them feel a little down on their self esteem and makeup can help in covering those problems up as well.

Applying makeup correctly only enhances a woman’s natural beauty. It will bring out your top features and help hide those features you don’t want to show to the world. Tasteful makeup application makes a woman feel much more pride in herself and her image which creates an inner confidence. It increase our own self esteem, which  gains more respect from others.

Makeup can also be used for a woman to create the desired look for any event. Perhaps you are looking for a more dramatic look when you are going out for dinner or a special romantic evening, a sleek, professional look when you go to work or in search of a new career, an ageless look on that special day for a bride or even just a refreshing and clean look can be achieved with the correct application of makeup.

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