Outdoor Teak Benches Are a Great Addition to Your Deck, Patio or Garden


If you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your garden, you couldn’t do better than a teak bench. Add just the right note of casual elegance to your outdoor living space with a unique teak bench that best represents your personal style. Able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, teak is the best choice for any outdoor furniture. Choose a teak bench to blend with your current outdoor setting, or set the style standard with a distinctive piece.

Honored in many cultures for its beauty, teak is the definitive choice when it comes to considering your outdoor furniture needs. Teak is renowned for its sturdiness and the many desirable natural properties which make it ideal for outdoor use. The naturally occurring resinous oil contained within teak provides it with the unique ability to offer inbuilt protection against all weather conditions. Unlike many other types of timber teak will withstand decades of exposure to rain, wind and sun without weakening.

Originating in South and South-East Asia, the innate properties of teak make it both pest-proof and resistant to rot, while its attractive amber hued sheen makes it a desirable timber for crafting quality furniture. Carved by artisans who appreciate the beauty that can be found in good quality teak, an elegantly style teak benches of European proportions, or a teak bench of modern simplicity will give any entertaining area the right combination of chic and practicality.

As teak has been prized for hundreds of years for its strength and beauty the choice of styles and designs in teak benches is now extensive, whether you wish to go with the classic Adirondack chair or something a little more reminiscent of a traditional English garden. The simplicity of design of a Chippendale or Derby styled teak bench will add an informal quality while still retaining a dignified demeanor, or should you prefer a more fanciful creation, try the Normandy. The Normandy teak bench, crafted by Kingsley-Bate, is a popular design in the French style and is comprised of exquisite hand carving that will lend an elegant air to your garden.

Casual and informal or elegant and whimsical, an outdoor teak bench will turn any area into a desirable place for entertaining family and friends or a quite spot just to relax. And, the beauty of a teak bench is you never have to worry about bringing it in out of the rain (or the sun). Always there for your convenience good quality teak benches will not splinter, rot or warp, making them the smart choice in outdoor furniture. You may choose to treat your teak bench with teak oil occasionally in order to retain the golden tone of new teak, or you may choose to let it weather to a delicate grey over time, either way teak will not falter in harsh weather conditions and will always stand strong and ready to use.

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