Tennis Bracelets: Everything You Need To Know

Have you at any time viewed Serena Williams playing tennis and noticed the flashing of diamonds on her wrist? Or how about Maria Sharapova? They both of those use tennis bracelets – also referred to as diamond line bracelets – and they definitely insert a touch of luxury to their tennis outfits. Tennis bracelets are sensitive yet modern bracelets that have turn into significantly common. 

Why Tennis Bracelets Turned Well known?

Though their reputation can be traced back again to 1987, they have taken off not long ago. One particular of the well known tennis gamers, Chris Evert, dropped her bracelet through a tennis match in the U.S. Open. She stopped participating in till an individual uncovered and returned it to her. And that is how this bracelet will get its identify – the tennis bracelet. 

Tennis Bracelet Overall look:

A tennis bracelet looks like an eternity ring in that the diamonds are packed closely jointly. There are many distinctive tennis bracelets, but they share a handful of standard attributes.

Typically, diamond tennis bracelets are paired with white gold or platinum. But you can locate tennis bracelets in yellow gold or rose gold as properly. The diamonds are typically round or princess minimize. The tennis bracelet should sit shut to the wrist and have a protected clasp.

Tennis bracelets arrive in all distinctive designs, sizes, and hues. You can discover tennis bracelets with distinct accent stones, like rubies or sapphires. You can even locate tennis bracelets with coloured diamonds.

And tennis bracelets are not just for tennis gamers – any individual can wear them!

What Will make Tennis Bracelet So Common?

The tennis bracelet has come to be a single of the most well known bracelets for females. And there are a handful of causes for that. To start with, tennis bracelets are pretty flexible. You can decide on them with informal outfits or dressy outfits.

Next, tennis bracelets are excellent for energetic women of all ages. They are resilient and won’t get in the way when enjoying tennis or working out.

Lastly, tennis bracelets are a great way to incorporate a minor sparkle to your outfit. They are understated but nonetheless make a assertion.

How to Set On Tennis Bracelets?

Now that you are knowledgeable of all about tennis bracelets, it is time to master how to dress in a person. They have a incredibly straightforward clicking system that will make them straightforward to put on and choose off. Just open the clasp and click it into area.

To don a tennis bracelet, you could possibly stack it with other bracelets or wear it by itself. It’s truly up to you. 

When Must I Supply A Lady A Tennis Bracelet?

A tennis bracelet can make a beautiful present for a lot of situations. You can give your favourite female a tennis bracelet to symbolize your like, and an anniversary is a wonderful time to do it. A tennis bracelet also would make a stunning birthday present or Xmas present. A tennis bracelet is usually a safe selection when you’re not certain what to get her for Valentine’s Working day.


When you are buying for a tennis bracelet, it is essential to continue to keep in thoughts the style of the girl you’re getting it for. Whether she prefers dainty jewellery, go for a thinner tennis bracelet with scaled-down diamonds. It’s possible she likes bolder, much more awareness-grabbing jewelry, then pick out a tennis bracelet with larger diamonds. And if she’s an lively female, make positive to pick a durable tennis bracelet that won’t arrive free though functioning out or actively playing tennis.

Now that you know every little thing about tennis bracelets, it is time to go shopping! A tennis bracelet will make a valuable gift for any event.