The Difference Between British and American Style

It may be entirely un-British to chuckle about any person else’s fashion choices (we Brits are far far too well mannered for that), but I will say that as a Brit dwelling in Los Angeles for over 12 a long time, I have picked up on certain American sartorial tendencies that I’ve found relatively unique and funny. I remember remaining taken aback on my initially brunch day in Santa Monica in which everyone looked like they experienced just stepped out of the fitness center (minus the sweat, of training course). This is a far cry from the United kingdom, the place you would never ever fulfill mates for lunch in yoga pants or sports gear if you usually are not in fact planning to do athletics. (Full disclosure: 12 decades afterwards, I now search like I go to the gym way too.)

Whilst we appreciate expressing our adoration for classic French design here on Who What Wear, it is the Brits who acquire a lot more type dangers, exude an edgier aesthetic, and are decidedly specific in their type selections. British Vogue’s procuring editor, Pleasure Montgomery, describes some of the critical features of British fashion: “Eccentricity would have to be at the major of the list. When we marvel at New Yorker’s expert polish or L.A.’s laid-back cool, we Brits have a specified nerdy quirkiness that manifests in chunky, hand-knitted jumpers, heritage materials, and off-conquer accessories—we championed ‘ugly’ developments way right before they hit the mainstream. Our muses involve Alexa Chung, Vivienne Westwood, and Cara Delevingne—all beautifully strange in their personal techniques however also undeniably interesting.”

So what are the parts that People put on that Brits consider are a tad amusing? Scroll underneath for my firsthand fashion observations.