Trend Alert – Sexiest Prom Gowns of 2011


Some of the world’s top fashion designers have re-invented the traditional prom gown this year to develop some of the sexiest prom gowns of 2011. Some of the latest sexy prom gown designs feature a sultry, feminine gown with cutting edge detailing. Our top trends include cut-out designs, corset structures, vintage themes, and two piece garments.

Cut-out Designs

The cut-out trend has been prominent in cocktail dresses, cropped tees, denim, and other garments this year. Now, this major fashion trend is reaching evening gown couture houses around the globe. Sexy cut-out prom gowns usually bare a bit of skin on the sides of the torso or on the back of the dress. The key to this trend, like many others, is not to overdo it. Look for a gown that has a ‘cut-out focal point’ that exposes either the back or midriff areas.

Corset-Structured Dresses

Since the Victorian era, corset dresses have been known as some of the sexiest yet classiest formal gowns. Today, designers work with a variety of different fabrics incorporating the corset structure and design. A classic favorite amongst prom gowns, these dresses create the illusion of a tiny waist and enhance the feminine hourglass figure. This classic design has always been considered one of the world’s top sexy evening gowns.

The Vintage-Inspired Look

This year, the vintage theme has been one of the most prominent in high fashion showrooms and designer runway shows across the globe. From lace to antiqued gold to vintage fabrics, designers have been bringing back trends of the past and updating them with a modern, artistic touch. Some of the most talked about outfits on the red carpet this year have been vintage-inspired designer looks. For Prom 2011, the vintage theme will be one of the most exclusive and jaw dropping trends of the season.

The Two Piece Dress

A very modern look for prom this year is the two-piece dress. Consisting of a top piece and a long, graceful ‘skirt,’ this garment gives the illusion of a one-piece gown with more versatility. The two-piece prom dress is extremely practical and comfortable – a perfect look for today’s modern young woman. The top piece is usually either a corset or made from a thick fabric, resulting in a fitted torso structure. The bottom piece is often made out of a few layers of silk, creating an elongated look and the ideal amount of volume. The top usually has most of the detailing, while the skirt carries the draping gown effect.

Designer prom gowns of 2011 are featuring some of the sexiest and eye-catching looks of the season. Some of our favorite designers include Faviana, Tony Bowls, Terani Couture, and Sherri Hill. Experiment with different looks and find the gown that brings out your inner diva!

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