Where to Find Plus Size Clothes When Visiting Varna, Bulgaria

Where to Find Plus Size Clothes When Visiting Varna, Bulgaria

Varna, the largest city in Bulgaria, is located on the Black Sea coast, and is a popular tourist destination during the summer. Many people choose Bulgaria to spend their vacation because of the beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine, friendly people and last but not least – excellent shopping opportunities.

Three of the largest Black Sea resorts – Golden Sands, St Constantine and Helena, and Albena, are located just 20 minutes drive from Varna and Varna Airport. During the summer, the hotels at these resorts are almost always full, which means that there are lots of tourists coming to Varna and the region looking for fun, shopping, good food and to have a great time during their vacation.

Tourists visiting the city can find many shops on the high street as well as several very large shopping malls. The range of goods can satisfy everyone’s tastes – brand clothing boutiques, shoes, jewelry, perfumes and much more.

However, if a tourist is looking for plus size clothing either for themselves or as a present, they will not find it in the “normal” stores. Something specific to Bulgaria is that most clothing stores only carry products up to European size 50 (US size 20). If you are looking for plus size clothes, you will have to visit one of the stores that specialize in larger sizes. Be aware that the sales people in all three shops have problems speaking English, so make sure you have a native friend to come with you, or ask for a guide from your hotel or travel agency.

In Varna, there are three stores in the central part of the city that carry the largest selection of plus size clothing for both men and women. All three stores are conveniently located just a few minutes walking distance from the city cathedral, “Dormition of the Theotokos”. The cathedral is located in the very heart of the city, and all buses coming and going to the tourist resorts stop there.

The first store in Varna that carries plus size clothing is called “Maksi Moda” (Maxi Fashion in Bulgarian). It is located on Atanas Georgiev Street, about two minutes walk from the city cathedral, just across from the largest dental clinic in Varna. This store carries clothing for both men and women. For women they offer clothing up to European size 64; for men they offer clothing up to European size 70. This is the largest of the three plus size clothing stores and there is a wide range of clothing to choose from. The clothes are all made in Bulgaria, which is a guarantee of very high quality, as the textile industry in Bulgaria has a long tradition in quality clothing production.

Something this store offers which the other two do not is the option to assist you for a small fee if alteration to the clothing is needed. If you are planning to alter your purchase at home, you are free to do so, but, if you have a few days longer in Varna, the staff can arrange it for you for a small fee of two to three dollars.

The second store is called “Nadina”. It is located on Knyaz Boris Boulevard – this is also the high street of Varna, so you will not miss it if you take the boulevard and keep an eye on the stores around you. The store is some 300 meters from the cathedral and has a large black and red sign outside. This store carries mostly goods imported from Turkey – T-shirts, blouses, jackets and other cotton items. Only a fraction of the goods are for men, so this shop is most suitable to visit if you are looking for plus size clothing for a lady.

Compared to the other two shops, in “Nadina” you can find more formal clothing, often embellished with shimmering decoration, and best suited as evening wear; for a special dinner, going out or other important events. This store also carries clothing up to European size 58, so even though they do have larger clothes compared to normal stores, they do not have as wide a range of sizes as the other two stores.

The third store carrying plus size clothing in Varna is called “Maxi Dama” (Maxi Lady) and is located on Vladislav Varnenchik Boulevard. It is about 400 meters from the cathedral, if you walk past the Post Office building (located just across from the cathedral) and just keep walking up the street.

This is the smallest of the three shops, carrying both Bulgarian and imported products. They often have a large selection of clothes made of linen, so if you are looking for natural materials it is well worth checking out. The clothes they sell are up to European size 60 for ladies, but they do not sell clothing for men.

If you are visiting Varna, the “sea pearl” city of Bulgaria on vacation or for business, and would like to find plus size clothing, these are the three stores that are well worth visiting. You will not find plus size clothes in the other stores, so it is best to not waste your time; just head directly to the stores that specialize in plus sizes.

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