Common Features of Natural Lip Tint


Lip tint is a popular cosmetic product specially designed to give color to the lips. The results are long-lasting, resisting wear. Many leading cosmetic companies offer natural lip tint with their other cosmetic products. The purpose of the tint is to temporarily give color to the lips as opposed to applying colored wax to color the lips. Features of the lip tint include:

· Water proof

Lip tint like lipstick seeks to add color to the lips. However, the tint temporarily stains the lips, with the color lasting all day. This is made possible by the fact that it actually dyes the skin.

Once the color dries, it does not smear or wear unevenly. In addition, it does not stain or get to the teeth. On the other hand, lipstick sits at the top of the lips. As a result, it wears off with time and requires reapplication.

· Gel

The tint is more of a gel or gloss with some products having small amounts of alcohol, which quite dries the skin around the mouth. Therefore, many people find it useful to apply some moisturizer or balm on the tint throughout the day. Many of the manufacturers pack some moisturizer to help their customers keep their lips moist.

This helps to prevent lips from peeling and cracking. Lipstick is typically manufactured in solid form. In addition, it is made with color and base of wax, as well as an emollient that helps to add moisture to the lips. This helps to prevent the lips from drying out.

· Color

Lip tint like lipstick, is available in a variety of colors and shades. However, the colors are more limited because it is difficult to stain the lips to a different color. Before buying a particular color it is important to test small amounts to the hand. The lip tint is often applied before applying the lip gloss to help keep the lips more visible.

· Natural matte finish

The tints feature natural matte finish to the lips when cosmetic is applied. To get the best results, it is advisable to use a wand to apply your tint. This calls for a careful application to avoid staining the areas around the lips, accidentally.

If you get the tint on the wrong parts of your skin you will need to use a makeup remover to clear it off. On the other hand, lipstick has a shiny finish unlike the natural matte finish produced by tints.

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