Glasses or Contacts: Which Is the Right Fashion Choice for You?

Individuals who want to invest in eyewear can choose between contacts and glasses. There is no correct choice, and picking one over the other is unnecessary as most people alternate wearing contacts and glasses depending on the occasion or mood. The final decision is based on one’s eyesight requirements and preferences. 

Your decision to wear glasses or contacts can also be influenced by your lifestyle and capacity for following instructions. Contact eye doctor South Jordan for professional guidance if you are not well versed with eyewear. This article will also assist you in deciding between glasses and contacts.

Should You Purchase Contacts or Glasses

Your needs and lifestyle influence your choice of vision aid. You could prefer wearing glasses over contacts if you do not want to agonize over maintenance and cleaning. You can also use glasses if you are on a mission to make a stylish statement with your eyewear. Glasses are also the best option for improving your vision on a budget.

Consider contact lenses if you have an active social life or participate in sports. You can focus on being active without worrying about your lenses obscuring your vision because they provide a constant clean field of vision. If you fear that glasses may fall when playing sports you can choose contact lenses.

Eyewear and Weather

Weather conditions influence the choice of eyewear and can impact your eye health. Wind and cold temperatures can hasten the drying out of contacts. However, contacts are not affected by severe weather conditions since they sit on one’s eyes and are shielded by the body. However, sweat can potentially infect your eyes if it gets between your lenses and your eyes. 

Weather changes have a bigger impact on glasses than on contacts. Extreme temperatures can potentially fracture frames, distort glass lenses and fog them. In addition to expanding glass lenses, heat can also cause optical alterations and blurry vision. You must know that weather changes could damage your glasses and contacts, and you need to maintain and safeguard them properly.

Contact Lenses or Glasses: Which Is the Best Option When Sick?

Avoid wearing contacts when you are sick since eyes respond differently to illnesses. When you are ill, your ability to produce tears can decrease, causing pink eyes, dryness and a bulging cornea. There is a possibility of suffering from hazy vision due to increased mucus production. It is preferable to wear glasses rather than contacts when ill because they can worsen these symptoms.

To avoid eye infections, if you must wear contacts, clean them carefully or convert them to disposable contacts. You might also consider removing your contacts during the day to allow your eyes time to rest.


Your lifestyle and needs influence your decision between vision aids. Wearing glasses with blue light filters can prevent headaches and eye strain if you spend most of your time staring at a screen. There are color contact lenses that have dramatic effects and aesthetic appeal as they change the color of the eyes. 

Glass frames are also available in various colors and shapes, enhancing your sense of fashion.