Men’s Scarf – Men Look Good in Scarves Too!


While scarves have enjoyed popularity in cold climates, the fact that these accessories are available in many varieties makes them ideal for many weather conditions, including summer. Once the basics of choosing and tying a scarf are understood, every man should be able to enjoy this important accessory.

Men who are wearing these pieces should follow some basic guidelines to make the experience enjoyable and also to guarantee that they do not end up committing a dressing disaster. As men will wear their scarves around the neck, it is important to make sure that the one chosen plays a complementary role to the shirt worn. This basically means obtaining ones that match your different shirts or, alternatively, wearing pieces that fit-in with patterned shirts.

While choosing a scarf should not present much trouble for the discerning man, tying the accessory might appear mysterious for many, yet scarf-tying is a really simple affair. There are different ways in which these can be tied and some of these ways are truly easy to learn. It can be tied by simply folding it in half and, after knotting one end, pulling the other end through. This simple tying method is common in Europe and is especially ideal for those wearing sports jackets.

As clothing accessories, scarves can serve two purposes especially during the cold winter months – they can serve as a fashion statement while at the same time helping to keep you warm. For the cold season then, one can be worn by simply wrapping it around the neck or hanging it on the shoulder.

For scarves that hang on the shoulders, it is important to remember that they tend to be very outstanding as part of the clothing you are wearing and for this reason the colors chosen should be neutral.

Scarves also offer a great opportunity for the man who wants to exercise originality. While the world of fashion is constantly changing, it should be remembered that these have, over the years, been a favorite accessory for men. To get ideas on how to wear a scarf, one area you could explore is old movies.

These movies portray many different characters and equally many ways of wearing scarves. Some of these styles might no longer be visible today but for a man who seeks something different, old movies and historical records might be the very ideal place to begin.

A very unusual way to wear this accessory, and one which is hardly used today, is to try an ascot. Tying an ascot is easy to learn as it follows the very same procedure that is used to tie a tie. On top of giving the wearer a great sense of elegance, ascots have other advantages.

They are ideal for the man who wants to maintain the formal look and are a great accessory for most formal clothing. You can therefore wear ascots with tuxedos and blazers. To get the most out of the ascot, it is important to contrast it with the shirts you wear. When wearing a shirt of light color, wear an ascot of a dark color and vice versa.

Wearing a scarf can be a good way to add color to your look. Given that there many kinds available for men today, these accessories can be made part of everyday dressing and need not be worn just during the winter season.

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