Where’s Kim’s Rank? Beauty’s Most Expensive Skin Care Routines

Who’s the most expensive of them all?

Kim Kardashian’s new skin care brand, Skkn by Kim, has generated buzz because, well, it’s Kim Kardashian. But the line is also under scrutiny because it comes with a sky-high price tag of $630 for a nine-step (yes, nine) routine comprised of a toner, exfoliator, hyaluronic acid serum, vitamin C8 serum, face cream, eye cream, oil drops and night oil.

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Skkn by Kim - Credit: Photo courtesy of Skkn by Kim

Skkn by Kim – Credit: Photo courtesy of Skkn by Kim

Photo courtesy of Skkn by Kim

But while not likely to be found on the shelves of your nearest drugstore, Kardashian’s line actually is “reasonable” compared to some other skin care brands out there. For those interested — and with deep enough pockets — WWD takes a look at beauty’s most expensive skin care routines. Open your wallets.

Cost: $2,695
Brand: 111Skin
Who: Dr. Yannis Alexandrides
The Goods: The “Black Diamond” antiaging collection includes a $300 eye cream (15ml), $600 serum (30ml), $800 day cream (50ml) and $995 night cream (50ml).

Cost: $1,880
Brand: RéVive
Who: Dr. Gregory Bays Brown
The Goods: $75 gel cleanser (180 ml), $285 antiaging eye serum (15 ml), $750 “Peau Magnifique Serum” (30 ml), $385 day cream with SPF 30 (1.7 oz) and $385 “Firming Moisture Repair” night cream (50 ml).

Cost: $1,625
Brand: La Mer
Who: Dr. Max Huber
The Goods: $95 cleansing gel (6.7 oz), $450 eye cream (0.5 oz), $720 “Serum Essence” (1 oz) and $360 “Crème de la Mer” (2 oz).

Cost: $1,314
Brand: Augustinus Bader
Who: Professor Augustinus Bader
The Goods: $74 cleansing balm (90 g), $90 essence (100 ml), $375 serum (30 ml), $215 eye cream (15 ml), $280 “The Cream” moisturizer for day (50 ml) and $280 “The Rich Cream” for night (50 ml).

Cost: $1,135
Brand: Retrouvé
Who: Jami Morse Heidegger and Klaus Heidegger
The Goods: $65 tonic (237 ml), $75 cleansing balm (50 ml), $415 eye serum (30 ml), $325 (30 ml) face serum, $255 day and night moisturizer (30 ml).

Cost: $1,070
Brand: Dr. Barbara Sturm
Who: Dr. Barbara Sturm
The Goods: $75 cleanser (75 g), $75 toner (150 ml), and an antiaging line that includes a $210 eye cream (15 ml), $350 antiaging serum (30 ml) and $360 face cream for day and night (50 ml).

Cost: $1,015
Brand: SK-II
Who: Company is owned by Procter & Gamble.
The Goods: As part of its LXP line, $305 essence (5.07 oz), $325 serum (1.6 oz) and $385 face cream (1.6 oz).

Cost: $855
Brand: Eighth Day
Who: Dr. Antony Nakhla
The Goods: The brand has launched with a $225 eye cream (15 ml), $450 serum (50 ml) and $180 moisturizer (30 ml).

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