Upcoming Trends Of Liposuction In Thailand

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In Asian countries, especially Thailand, liposuction surgeries are extravagantly and improbably asked for by worldwide medical tourists. Thailand is one of the foremost fashionable destinations for reconstructive surgery performed with ISO and JCO board authorized, state-of-the-art instrumentality with the latest technology, and top-notch surgeons who are very qualified and experienced. Across the world, liposuction is the most sought-after surgery by people to get their bodies into better shape. 

This procedure involves sucking fat out through a tube. Through this, individuals lose pounds in undesired areas quickly. In Thailand, the procedure is worth every dime as it gives you a fresh and trim body. However, there have been new transformations in body sculpting techniques as the years go by. Liposuction, also called by local as ดูดไขมัน Body Jet, is not the only way of reshaping the body, nowadays because a lot has changed. More people across the globe are now embracing the new trends in liposuction and cosmetic surgery in general. The new liposuction trends include;

Breast liposuction

Thailand receives many medical tourists who desire to have their breast size altered. Breast liposuction is highly preferred in place of breast reduction since it’s considered a safer alternative. This procedure involves removing fat around the breast area while tightening the skin. After the procedure, though optional, some people may opt for a breast lift. This procedure is affordable, has a quick recovery time, has minimal scarring, and is less painful.


It is now done to remove fat in the inner thighs though it was initially done to remove fat from the lower part of the stomach. Women and models who are concerned about having a distinct thigh gap go for this procedure. The result is that the legs appear thinner which enhances the model’s body shape. Lipoglaze brings out the much-desired thigh gap as it efficiently removes excess fat in the inner thighs. 

Laser liposuction

In liposuction today, laser liposuction is the most sought-after trend. It uses penetrative light to remove the excess fat. The use of laser light makes the procedure to be quickly done in an hour or so and it’s painless. It can be done on any area of the body, therefore, it is very efficient. Not only does the laser remove fat in undesired areas but also helps to tighten the skin. Laser liposuction is very affordable, involves little pain, it’s a very simple choice, it’s done fairly quickly, and has a quick recovery time. 

Ultrasonic liposuction

It hasn’t gained a lot of popularity yet but it is still a new trend in liposuction. This procedure involves the use of high-frequency sound waves that remove fat cells from the body. It involves longer surgeries, has a high recovery time, and tends to have more complications, therefore, it’s so unpopular.  

Vaser liposuction

For fat to be removed more effectively, this procedure depends on ultrasound technology and vibrations to disrupt the bonds between fat cells and loosen them from the deeper tissues. The procedure aims to remove excess fat from under the skin. Vaser is a more controlled and gentle procedure that is why is highly preferred than traditional liposuction and it provides faster recovery and has a less painful experience.


Liposuction is the most sort after form of cosmetic surgery nowadays. Since the early 1980s, liposuction has come a long way with new investments in technology and research. Liposuction surgeries are now becoming safer, affordable, and painless. The advanced technologies and new trends have revolutionized liposuction in Thailand aiming to position it less risky and safer. With the new trends in liposuction, it is now evident that it’s the only body sculpting procedure that delivers predictable results over and over.